Track: Wanna wanna
Artist: 大島ミチル / Michiru Oshima
Album: The Legaia OST
Plays: 133


Sooo 90’s

Sooo perfect.


legaia stats over the years

watch in awe as I encounter more battles and finish it in less time somehow

Anonymous asked: Legend of Legaia was the first JRPG I ever played and I remember being sorely disappointed that other games didn't let you see your character in the new gear you bought. This game spoiled me. Bless it forever and bless you for keeping up a Legaia blog for all the fans to enjoy all these years later <3

That Avalon fight is REALLY HARD, I don’t know how I did this the first time.

I think it’s because Maya’s HP can’t handle it, TBH. Sorry, girl.


Legend of Legaia! gogogogo! =D


Get ready for a fantastic fishing episode of Let’s Play Legend of Legaia! At 4pm Est. http://bit.ly/LPLegaia


Legend of Legaia was a RPG for PlayStation I really wish I played more of as a kid. That system just had so many great games that it was very difficult to focus on just one. But this game had very interesting customization options that I’ve yet to see replicated. If I can ever find the time I’ll have to go back and play this game. But I currently don’t even have the time to play more recent titles like Fire Emblem: Awakening…

I need to strike it rich so I can play more video games.


So my friend, Morgan made some pics of two of my favorite video game characters with flower crowns. And I think they look great! The Max one might even make a good avatar for this site. =D

The Vahn one would too.