This is probably the most quality one!


Im not sure who might be able to answer this. I want to get legend of legaia (ps1) for my boyfriend. He insists it came in a big case with 4 discs. But i cant find anywhere online that has one with 4 discs, just one. Help?

Hey, dear. It was an error of the JRPG conversion, their gamebook was longer so the cases were bigger. There’s only one disc so you’re good.

fairy-1234 asked: Legend of Legaia for the meme.


How tedious it can be gathering and leveling up all the Seru spirits, because I am a completionist and you can’t ask me not to gather and level up all the seru spirits.


Track: Wanna wanna
Artist: 大島ミチル / Michiru Oshima
Album: The Legaia OST
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Sooo 90’s

Sooo perfect.


legaia stats over the years

watch in awe as I encounter more battles and finish it in less time somehow

Anonymous asked: Legend of Legaia was the first JRPG I ever played and I remember being sorely disappointed that other games didn't let you see your character in the new gear you bought. This game spoiled me. Bless it forever and bless you for keeping up a Legaia blog for all the fans to enjoy all these years later <3

That Avalon fight is REALLY HARD, I don’t know how I did this the first time.

I think it’s because Maya’s HP can’t handle it, TBH. Sorry, girl.