When Cara and Grantes made out and the only one who didn’t gawk was Gala.

New Horizons, last info peek.

Igohl is the offspring of Rogue and an unknown Dark Elemental being. Being both Origin and Seru gave him the power to enter the two worlds when the latter’s still flourished. After Igohl and Avalon were destroyed, his Seru essence returned to Noaru.

As for the Source Forge, willing Origins are trying to use its power for full restoration. It has not been physically located yet and neither has energy transfer quite succeeded, but as a result Seru rebirth is possible again. Each Element has their corresponding Seru, some from the old game and others never previously seen. They are attracted to Mystics like moth to flame. This was Igohl’s desire, to see chaos reenter the human world like his forefather. 

Mystic militia are spread throughout the world at this point, some just for protection, others not far from Avalon’s mode of thinking. As hunts grow in intensity and number, so does the threat of war. It’s known even in the East that Mystics have been subject to tests, though many provinces ban them.

After the extinction of Seru, life in Legaia has become different. With no other evidence than stories and artifacts, magic is no longer respected as higher learning. Many of the Books of Prophecy have been destroyed, made relics or lost to time. Those who study magic are usually outcasts or part of mage lineages such as the Kabel (Maya) and Apsari, disciplines of Ferti (god of sea, remember). And even then, they are unsure of how Mystics use theirs.

If this is confusing just wait till the first chapter this Friday. It’s gonna be an interesting ride. :)

April 10, 2014 - Warping Meat Curtains



April 11, 2014 - Day 067

listening on Kindle Fire: Harmontown in Wisconsin. Spencer leading us through some pretty vivid monster-imagery that sounded a lot like giant throbbing genitals. So there’s that. 

playing on Kindle Fire: Legaia— also kind of moving through some strange throbby genitals. But I’m in the past! Very confusing. What’s going on? 

RETRO REVIEW: Legend of Legaia


RETRO REVIEW: Legend of Legaia

Legend of Legaia | oprainfall
Legend of Legaia Developer Contrail Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Release Date October 29, 1998 (JP)
March 17, 1999 (NA)
May 27, 2000 (EU) Genre RPG Platform Sony PlayStation Age Rating  ESRB – Everyone

Though opinions on particular RPGs seem to vary greatly between fans, there seems to be one common thought between them as a whole; the golden era of RPGs was…

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When Noa tried to get in bath with the dude and he flipped out.


New Horizons (Story Background)

To give you a better understanding of the current Legaian climate, the timeline flows like this.

Seru (from early mankind to) → destruction of Seru-kai → Tieg goes dormant (approximately one year later) → elemental energy shifted to elemental-leaning humans by the century’s end. Humans with control of Elements = Mystics. It is not hereditary, but can appear in families. For instance, Sharon and Jane both have elemental energy.

Those who harness exceptional amounts are Star Shapers, like Lang or Avalon.

What is the Source Forge? Another realm that Tieg presides over, but in his absence was controlled by whoever could access it. (Hint: Avalon and Igohl.)

Jane and Lang are Polar Origins, oppositely tuned but drawn together by natural polarity.

Fun fact: As their energy cancels out (think Yin and Yang), their attacks do the most damage to one another.

These two are also idle Mystics, without physical Origins but still magically able. This also refers to manifestation before full awareness of Mystic status. Lang and Galea were meant to be a pair, but Origins CAN choose their hosts as they outlive them by millennia. They are Tieg’s creation just as Ra-Seru were.

The New Lands compose Legaia 2’s geography. Old Lands (Legend of Legaia) are the eastern half of this same world. Though affected by wayward Mist, there were no Genesis Trees left on the continent.

As a result, our lovable trio and their corresponding Ra-Seru are remembered from an entirely different perspective. Whereas eastern Legaia regales them as rightful heroes, the New Lands view Gala, Noa and Vahn more as mages-turned-vigilantes. This distrust and envy of magic is what leads into Mystics’ persecution and ransom. Which, by the events of this story, has reached alarming levels.

Stay tuned for more about it in the week to come. It’s about to be done!

Heeey, all!

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In a little while you’ll see what mad plots have been hatched in the world of Legaia fanfiction.


"Legaia 2: Duel Saga"

  • GamePro, November 2002 (#170)


Papa-bear Gala returns!